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Chinese new year holiday notice
DATE:2021-02-01 23:37Reading volume:553

                                                                       2021 Chinese new year holiday notice

Dear customers and Vendors

                    The Chinese new year is coming. According to the holidays' regulations, the company decided that the Spring Festival holiday time is as follows: February 6, 2021 (Saturday) - February 18, 2021 (Thursday), a total of 13 days.

                   During the holiday, I would like to remind you that the current epidemic situation is still tense. You should pay attention to safety, reduce going out, wear masks, protect yourself and avoid focusing! Here, I would like to thank our old and new customers for their trust and support,

                   Thank you for your company all the way. We are grateful for your long-term trust and cooperation! Wish new and old customers prosperous business! Everything goes well! We hope there will be a right turning in 2021, the year of the ox.

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