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Shenzhen RichPoewer Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional distributor of semiconductor components and integrated IC chips. We are committed to high-tech fields such as semiconductor components, wafers, packaging, protective materials, innovative heat dissipation technology, heat dissipation solutions, etc., to provide customers with professional and complete solutions.

          Shenzhen Richpower Technology is mainly engaged in the Resettable Fuse (PPTC), silicon Microphone, ECM Microphone, thermopile sensor, UVC UVA LED, heat dissipation solution; it is the distribution of Samsung, Xingang, DTE PPTC, ASTM Fuse, Nanoplus tech innovative technology thermal conductive plastics, thermal silica gel, thermally conductive silicone paste, TM tech technology-led drive, RP Plasma surface treatment system, and other products. Since 2002, the company has been committed to promoting, sales, and service of security, audio and video, protection devices, innovative thermal conductive materials, and heat dissipation solutions. To provide customers with professional marketing and technical support services.

         The professional sales and R & D team of rip technology can provide customers with comprehensive technical support and solutions, create the best and maximum value products for customers' products, and achieve a win-win marketing strategy.