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Shenzhen Richpower Technology Co., Ltd.


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    Shenzhen Richpower Technology Co., Ltd.
    Address:18/F Guangyin building, Futian South Road 38, Futian District, Shenzhen



             Shenzhen RichPower Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional distributor of semiconductor components and integrated IC chips. We are committed to high-tech fields such as semiconductor components, wafers, packaging, protective materials, innovative heat dissipation technology, heat dissipation solutions, etc., to provide customers with professional and complete solutions.

                 RichPower technology is mainly engaged in the Resettable Fuse(PPTC), silicon Microphone, ECM Microphone, Thermopile sensor, UVC UVA LED, heat dissipation solution, and other products. It is the distribution of Samsung Xingang, DTE, ASTM, Nanoplus tech innovative technology thermal conductive plastics, thermal silica gel, thermally conductive silicone paste, TM tech technology-led drive, and other products. Since 2002, the company has been committed to the promotion, sales, and service of security, audio and video, protection devices, innovative thermal conductive materials, and heat dissipation solutions. To provide customers with professional marketing and technical support services.

             The professional sales and R & D team of rip technology can provide customers with comprehensive technical support and solutions, create the best and maximum value products for customers' products, and achieve a win-win marketing strategy with customers.


    Why are people choosing us?

    Professional focus, service to the heart, perfect
    Strong strength with guarantee


    Original brand authorization

    Original factory direct supply / brand agent distribution

    Each component can be traced back to the channel

    The original factory direct supply / brand agent distribution channel can be traced without quality escort。


    Strict quality control

    Strict testing at all levels to ensure the high quality, safety and environmental protection of each product

    Only qualified and unqualified laboratory equipment quality inspection, to ensure that the qualified rate of factory products is 99%

    Fully implement the requirements of the quality management system, strictly control the quality of production links; the nationwide after-sales service network system, so that you can find us at any time!


    The price is favorable, the category is complete

    Integrity management, professional and efficient to provide one-stop procurement, single service

    Stable source of goods, complete varieties, so that you no longer worry about purchasing electronic chips

    In the pursuit of efficiency, we pay more attention to quality. After each process is completed, professional personnel are responsible for checking the quality.


    Perfect after sales service

    Professional after-sales service system, let you get more than cooperation

    Pre sale: free consultation, professional help to understand your management needs;
    Sales: standardized services, installation, implementation, training, the whole process responsible for;
    After sales: efficient and responsible, telephone, e-mail, remote service for free forever!

    My heart, your rest assured to provide you with quality and efficient customer experience.