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Operating conditions required for resettable fuses
DATE:2020-12-13 16:40Reading volume:539

        Whether the fuse works normally or not, it needs certain conditions. Next, Richpower Technology will explain the working environment and conditions required for resettable fuse's normal operation.


1. When the normal working current operates at 25 ℃, the current rating of Resettable fuse should be reduced by 25% to avoid harmful fusing. Most traditional fuses are made of materials with low melting temperatures. Therefore, this kind of fuse is sensitive to the change in ambient temperature. For example, a resettable fuse with a current rating of 10A is generally not recommended to operate at a current greater than 7.5A at an ambient temperature of 25 ℃.


2. The resettable fuse's voltage rating must be equal to or greater than the effective circuit voltage. The general standard voltage rating series are 32V, 125V, 250V, and 600V.


3. The resistance of the resistance fuse is not important in the whole circuit. Since the resistance of a fuse with an amperage less than 1 is only a few ohms, this problem should be considered when using a fuse in a low-voltage circuit. Most fuses are made of materials with a positive temperature coefficient, so there are cold resistance and thermal resistance.


4. The resettable fuse's current carrying capacity was tested at 25 ℃, which was affected by the change of ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the fuse's working temperature, and the shorter its life. On the contrary, operation at lower temperatures will prolong the life of the fuse.


5. Fuse rated capacity is also called breaking capacity. The fuse rated capacity is the maximum allowable current that the fuse can actually fuse under the rated voltage. In the case of a short circuit, the instantaneous overload current greater than the normal working current will be passed in the fuse many times. Safe operation requires the fuse to remain intact (no burst or break) and eliminate short circuits.


A resettable fuse is very popular with customers, especially some customers who do not have protection circuits to cause over-voltage damage, over-current damage, and burning. They know the importance of the protection circuit, and its application is extensive. You can buy insurance for your product with little money and reduce the risk of product after-sale. It is necessary to use disposable fuse and recoverable fuse. Please refer to the FAQ section for more information!