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High quality digital silicon microphone

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What is a digital silicon Microphone?
DATE:2020-09-27 17:15Reading volume:606
         Silicon Microphone is a MEMS microphone. It's a microphone based on MEMS technology. MEMS is also divided into analog and digital Microphone, circuit output analog signal, digital signal silicon microphone --- referred to as digital silicon microphone, the essential difference is that the ADC conversion chip inside, which has higher integration, direct output of digital signal, lower sensitivity, higher signal-to-noise ratio, wide application range, can be used in hearing aids, electronic ears; In the computer communication industry can be applied to mobile phones, digital cameras, hands-free earpieces, notebook computers, etc. With the rapid development of the electronic industry and the progress of the manufacturing process and packaging technology, the design of microphone products is more towards the demand for multi-function. To achieve the demands of short, small, light, thin, power-saving, and cheap, we must develop a micro microphone which can be integrated with chips made by a semiconductor process. This is a major trend of microphone development in the future.