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Causes and solutions of fusing and failure of the resettable fuse
DATE:2020-12-13 17:20Reading volume:595

When using the resettable fuse, if the function of the fuse fails, do not rush to replace it. The correct way is to find out the cause of the failure first, and then replace it.Next, we will introduce the failure causes and solutions of resettable fuse

 1. When the fuse is connected to the circuit, the circuit is different and the current cannot pass through.

Solution: check whether the two ends of the fuse and the port of the access circuit are well connected, and the access circuit should be connected in series.

 2. The resettable fuse has been used for a long time, resulting in aging, and the fuse can not be automatically restored after the circuit overload.

Solution: the fuse needs to be replaced with a new fuse after it is aged. The best time to choose a new resettable fuse is not long before the production time so that the fuse can be used for a longer time without worrying about the aging problem.

3. The fuse is often in the environment of excessive temperature and current, which leads to the fuse often starting overload protection, and finally leads to failure.

Solution: replace the fuse that can adapt to the working temperature and current of the circuit. In this way, the fuse will not overload frequently when the circuit is in normal operation, and the circuit can be disconnected in time when there is abnormal overload.

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