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What is the application scope of resettable fuse?
DATE:2020-12-13 18:20Reading volume:534

The fuse, which has the function of automatically recovering conduction without replacing, has a wide range of applications. This kind of resettable fuse production cost is relatively low in many industries are used. In most electronic devices or special circuits, this resettable fuse can protect the circuit. People summed up its law and then found its use, according to different performance characteristics, can be used in many high-tech industries in today's society.


The applied industries include automobiles, computer peripherals, mobile phones, Bluetooth products, intelligent wear, wireless charging or power supply devices, etc. in these special electronic products, the flow direction and intensity of current are very complex the structure is also exact. Therefore, in most cases, it can not withstand the intense current oscillation, and the existence of a resettable fuse can not withstand the fierce current oscillation These sophisticated electronic products can still work normally even if the power supply is not very stable. So it can protect the main control IC from over-voltage and over-current, which can protect expensive devices and fundamentally eliminate unsafe factors. In 2014, Amazon buyers in the United Kingdom bought a domestic balance car from Amazon. They burned down the whole house during the charging process, which caused Amazon and all famous shopping platforms, including Walmart, to remove all balance cars from the shelves. It has a devastating impact on the balance car industry and China's manufacturing industry.


In the communication system, the use of this resettable fuse is greatly increased because many communication systems use wireless signals, and the wireless signals will have different intensity fluctuations due to the transmission medium and other reasons, which is the fundamental reason for the strong and weak wireless signals of mobile phones or computers. The balance instrument with a resettable fuse plays a similar role as the general circuit's filter circuit. People can also distribute the resettable fuse materials in different proportions, and then the resettable fuse has certain changes in function and adaptability. Through the change in manufacturing, the resettable fuse can be used in more fields. This function is irreplaceable in the industrial society. Although it is small in size, it can not be ignored easily. it can be understood that any product that needs safety regulations and protection needs to use the resettable fuse,For more information and technical support, please visit: www.richpowerhk.com